Banff Lodging Company ESOP Program

 An Employee – Owned Company

In 2008, Banff Lodging Company’s founding owner Wim Pauw, established our Employee Share Ownership Plan with the goals of the transitioning ownership of the company to employees, keeping the company locally owned and operated (keeping decision making in Banff with employees and the local community in mind), and providing employees with a meaningful opportunity to invest in their workplace and save for retirement. Banff Lodging Company’s Employee Share Ownership Plan has developed into one of the most mature and established plans of its kind in Canada, and has grown to include over 150 employee owners, all living within the local community. However, employee share ownership is not just about providing a sound plan for the future; it also brings significant benefits right now.
  • ESOP offers stability to the growing number of employees choosing to make Banff the place where they build their career and raise a family;
  • ESOP fosters a high level of professionalism within our workforce, and upholds a sense of opportunity that is unique within the service industry;
  • Our Employees understand that they can directly impact our business results;
  • The profile and credibility of our Company within the local community is positive and well-respected.